Keeping My CPAP and Mask Clean

CPAP and Mask maintenance is vital in providing good hygiene and to ensure your device function optimally. 

Replacement of CPAP parts in United States is as often as every 3 to 6 months because the insurance company pays for them. While in most countries in Asia, CPAP therapy is not covered by insurance, below is just a recommended guideline on how to maintenance your CPAP and Mask.


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 Keeping your DreamStation Clean

Humidifier Water Tub

  • Rinse the water tub with running tape water daily
  • Fill the tub with distilled water.
  • Do no over fill above the MAX line
  • Replace your water tub once a year

BLUE Reusable Pollen Filter

  • Rinse it under running tape water once a week
  • Air dry it before placing it back into the machine
  • Replace it every 3 months

L.BLUE Reusable Pollen Filter

  • Replace it every month or earlier




    • Rinse is with tap water weekly and air dry it without any direct sun

    Mask Parts

    Mask Cushion
    • gently wipe the cushion with non alcohol wet wipe daily and air dry it without any direct sun 
    • Or rinse is with mild soapy water and air dry it without any direct sun
    • replace it when the color of the cushion change or the seal of the cushion to your nose/ face is not well. 

    Mask Headgear 

    • hand wash it with mild soapy water weekly
    • place it flat to air dry it
    • replace it between 9 months to 12 months or when the headgear starts to show sign of stretched and when there is mask leak
    Mask Frame 
    • wipe it with non alcohol daily 



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    contributed by PT. Indo Medika Nusantara Therapy Coach: Agnes Chow, RPSGT. 
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