Philips Alice Night One Level III

The device has 3 sensors (effort belt, cannula and oximeter) and a built-in body position sensor that provide seven channels of data.

1.Body position

2. Pressure flow,

3. Snore,

4.Respiratory effort,

5. SpO2, pleth

6. Pulse rate


Philips ANO is everything you need for your HSAT. The case will include:

  • An Alice NightOne device. This is a rectangular device that will keep track of your body position (information such as whether you’re lying on your back, side, or stomach). It will also store all the information from your HSAT.
  • An effort belt. This is a belt you’ll wear around your chest. It will measure how hard your lungs are working. One end of the effort belt should already be attached to the Alice NightOne device.
  • A nasal cannula. This is a thin, flexible tube that you’ll place under your nose. It will measure how much air you’re breathing and keep track of your snoring.
  • A pulse oximeter. This is a wire with a gray rubber sensor that you’ll place on your finger. It will measure your pulse, blood flow, and the amount of oxygen in your blood. The pulse oximeter should already be attached to the Alice NightOne device.
  • AA batteries. You will only use these if the batteries inside the Alice NightOne device stop working.


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