About Us

Indo Medika Nusantara (IMN)

Leveraging on 20 years of experience in Sleep & Respiratory Medical Equipment and Therapy Management from Singapore. IMN set up the first showroom and Therapy Centre to provide support and care for patients that require medical equipment. IMN is actively collaborating with hospitals around Indonesia in setting up sleep labs, hosting workshop and training.  

Our patient’s care team went through comprehensive training by Singapore Coach and Philips Sleep & Respiratory Clinical Trainer. We are committed to provide highest quality therapy care for individual patient.

IMN is proud to share that we have achieved above 90% success rate in assisting our patients in adapting to CPAP, BiPAP, Ventilator Therapy. 

 Why should you choose PT. Indo Medika Nusantara (IMN) as your partner?

Our Patient’s Care Team:

  1. Clinically Trained Therapy Consultants
  2. RPSGT Therapy Coach from Singapore
  3. RPSGT Sleep Study Analysis in Singapore
  4. In-House Engineer
What is RPSGT?The Registered Polysomnographic Technologist (RPSGT) is an internationally recognized credential representing the highest certification in the field for the health care professionals who clinically assess patients with sleep disorders.

Currently there are only about 20,000 RPSGT worldwide.

Our Services

  1. Setting up of Sleep Lab
  2. Conduct and Hosting of workshops
  3. Hospital / Home Sleep Test
  4. RPSGT scoring service for Sleep test (Sleep Test result is analysed in Singapore)
  5. Comprehensive Therapy Kick Start Program
  6. Mask Fitting session
  7. Long Term Therapy Management with In-house tracking system and Pre-schedule Follow up Plan
  8. Customize Therapy adjustment and Troubleshooting
  9. Technical Troubleshooting and Repair
  10. Device disinfection

Our facility:

  1. Showroom of products and demo
  2. Private consultation room
  3. In-House Patient Therapy Monitoring System


  1. Home Oxygen Concentrator
  2. Portable Oxygen Concentrator
  3. BiPAP and Ventilator
  4. CPAP, Auto CPAP, Auto BiPAP
  5. Mask: Nasal, Nasal Pillow, Full Face Mask
  6. Accessories: Mask Parts, Filters, comfort tools, cannula, tube and a lot more…

We provide proven Solution, Products and Services for Sleep And Respiratory Medical Equipment and Therapy Management