Indo Medika Nusantara (IMN - CPAPIndo)


Indo Medika Nusantara (IMN) started the first Sleep Therapy Care Centre in Jakarta, Indonesia in 2018 with board certified Sleep Technologist (RPSGT) from Singapore. Offering high quality medical system and service to hospitals and patients.

Our principle therapist has 25 years of experience in Singapore, working along with clinics across the island. Managed thousands of patient's therapy and also a trainer for workshops in the region. 

IMN is a solution provider for:

  • Hospital Sleep Lab: High quality in-lab polysomnography system (sleep diagnostic) with Nox Medical. The NOX A1 PSG system is a full, portable polysomnography system that greatly simplifies the task of performing a sleep study while delivering more secure and precise measurements than ever before.
  • Home Sleep Test: Our team of sleep technician went through comprehensive training to deliver professional Home Sleep Test Setup.  
  • Sleep Diagnostic Scoring: IMN offer sleep test data analysis in Singapore by experienced RPSGT. (our team in Singapore has minimum 10 years experiences as RPSGT specialized in sleep diagnostic) 
  • Treatment for OSA: With the recommendation from your doctors, our well-trained therapist conduct initiation CPAP/BiPAP consultation with detail information and tips to assist you in adapting to the therapy. 
  • Customize Treatment for OSA: Every individual has unique facial feature, different preference, sleeping habit, muscle weight. A mask fitting session ensure you select the best fitted mask that offer comfort and proper seal. A customize clinical setting on the CPAP/BiPAP offer optimal result and comfort level in adapting to it. Our therapist has went through comprehensive training with our clinical advisor whom has 25 years of experience.   
  • Continues Therapy Management: Our body changes with time and clinical adjustment may be required. Our Therapy Management program is to ensure you are constantly receiving the best result from your CPAP/ BiPAP therapy. 
  • Respiratory Home Medical Device: We work closely with your prescription doctors in initiating the respiratory therapy on you to ensure we achieve the best result possible. Our therapist has went through training with manufacturer with deep knowledge of the BiLevel and Home Ventilator. 
  • Technical Support: A regular maintenance check on your medical device is recommended. Our product specialist is here to provide support on all technical issue.
  • Education Workshop: IMN conducts numerus workshops in hospitals, clinicals, medical university across Indonesia on Sleep & Respiratory Healthcare.   


    We are a team committed to deliver the best for our patients. This is the hotline to reach us (scan to whatsapp)



    L'Avenue Office Tower LT 12B 
    Jalan Raya Pasar Minggu No. KAV16, PT.7/RW.9, Pancoran, Kota Jakarta Selatan, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 12780 


    Sleep Product

    • CPAP / Auto CPAP / Auto BiPAP 
    • Mask Interface
    • Replacement Parts
    • Accessories
    • Sleep Diagnostic System 
    Oxygen Product
    • Home Base Oxygen Concentrator 
    • Portable Oxygen Concentrator 
    • Replacement Parts
    • Accessories 
    Respiratory Device
    • BiPAP 
    • Ventilator
    • Cough Assist
    • Replacement Parts
    • Accessories





    Service in Sleep Test

    • In-ward and Home Sleep Test 
    • Sleep Test Data Scoring (interpretation) by RPSGT in Singapore 
    • Sleep Test Reporting by Sleep Physician 
    • Setting up of Sleep Lab
    Service in Sleep Treatment 
    • CPAP Device Demo
    • Therapy Consultation - Customize Therapy Setup
    • CPAP / Auto CPAP / Auto BiPAP Trial program
    • Therapy Management 
    • Therapy Technical Support 
    Service in Oxygen and Respiratory Therapy 
    • Device Demo 
    • Device Setup 
    • Therapy follow up 
    • Device Technical Support