Home Sleep Test

Home Sleep Test

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An overnight Sleep Test is the gold standard to identify Obstructive Sleep Apnea. It records your body activities during your sleep like oxygen level, heart rate, breathing, sleep position. 

Conventional hospital sleep lab based sleep test can be a challenges to some patients, including sleeping in a unfamiliar environment, long waiting time etc.

Benefits of Home Sleep Tests

  • Comfort and accessibility. Being able to have a sleep test in the comfort of one's own home makes it more convenient for patients who either don't like the idea of staying overnight in a lab, live in a remote location, or have other medical problems that could prevent them from sleeping in a lab.

  • Good tool for high risk OSA patients. Patients found to be at high-risk for sleep apnea based on medical history, family history, and a physical evaluation are good candidates for HSTs. Signs to look for in high risk patients include the patient's BMI, neck size, age, craniofacial anatomy, and upper airway evaluation. For properly screened patients, the HST is designed to determine the severity of sleep apnea, not just the existence of it.

Sleep Test can be perform at the comfort of your own home!

 Discuss with your doctor to book a Home Sleep Test for yourself or your family member.

Have your clinic to contact us to book a Home Sleep Study

1. Our Sleep Technical will contact you to arrange a Home Sleep Study Date and time. (mondays to saturday)
2. Confirmation call the day before your date of Home Sleep Study.
3. Sleep Technical arrived at your home to set up the sleep study for you. (takes about 20mins)
4. Sleep Technical will return the next morning to collect the device.
5. Data will send for analysis.
6. Report will be send to clinic.


Contact us today to understand more about Home Sleep Test.

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